5 Factors Affecting The Prices Of Junk Cars

18 January 2022
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If you're looking for a junk car buyer to take a vehicle off your hands, you might wonder what will affect the price. A junk car removal company usually looks at these 5 factors.

Does the Vehicle's Motor Turn Over?

The car doesn't necessarily have to run. However, a seized motor that won't turn over at all generally detracts from the offer price. The ability to move the car around a bit makes removing it less of a pain. Also, there may still be usable parts in the engine.

The Condition of the Frame

Another major concern for a junk car removal service provider is whether or not the frame is compromised. Moving a junk car can be challenging if the frame won't hold together. Significant frame rust or accident damage can make collecting the car more difficult. The company will want a premium, meaning they'll reduce the price, to make up for the condition of the frame.

Good Parts

Oftentimes, businesses focus on what they can salvage from junk cars. Maybe the motor is blown, for example, but the doors are in great shape. If someone needs doors for that model of car, the company will then have them in stock.

Generally, the most in-demand parts are the ones people tend to bang up most often. Mirrors, especially ones with power and heat, tend to be worth scrapping. The same goes for corner panels and bumpers.

If a junk car removal firm sees issues with these components, they have to ding the price. Rust is particularly problematic because it may not be fixable. Especially if the rust has reached the point it is bubbling the paint or producing holes in the body, the price will go down.

Supply and Demand

Companies have to make offers based on what the market needs. However, the balance here can be weird. Suppose you're dealing with a long-running and popular car. The market can create demand because the cars stay on the road. Conversely, a poor-performing car from a popular line might have a lower demand because lots of them end up in junkyards.

Book Price

When in doubt, check the book price of the car. Bear in mind, you're probably not going to get a vehicle's book value when you contact a junk car removal service. They have to treat the vehicle as questionable. Likewise, they have costs to address like collection, transportation, and inventory. However, the book cost will at least give you a sense of what the top line for the car would be. You can then assume the number will be notably lower.

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